Afan Ales X Mongo Gushi Beer Mat bundles.

£3.00 - £4.50
Afan Ales X Mongo Gushi Beer Mat bundles.

Packs of 6 or 10.

The perfect partner to a lovely drop of your favourite tipple.

Protecting your precious surfaces and looking cool at the same time!

Our 1.2mm thick Beer mat board is a specially designed wood pulp board which is incredibly absorbent. It can absorb water/beer/wine/gin/your choice of beverage and dry out again without losing its shape. In fact, they can be soaked many times over without the mat losing shape or inks running.

We use vegetable based process inks, as opposed to the standard oil based inks. Our vegetable based inks are biodegradable and offer the same outstanding print quality and colour reproduction as any traditional oil based ink.